IoT Development

Iraten Solutions collaborates on several IoT (Internet of Things) projects.

We develop the embedded software part (Linux) of connected objects.

Our new project, for our client One-Too and in collaboration with the French Riviera company Electronie: The Dynamometric keyMoment Alpha“, a smart and stand-alone bold tightening solution, communicating its data in WiFi, thus guaranteeing the conformity and the traceability of the operations.

The previous version has proven itself in the automobile and especially in the Formula 1. The V2 of the key is standalone (no more need of tablet) and directly connected to the computer system of the production plants. This version is pre-ordered and eagerly awaited by customers such as Airbus, Safran and other giants of the aeronautic field.

Iraten has developed for this new version the Web Server (the software part). We manage the communication protocols of the key and the processing of the tightening data in accordance with the standards of the aeronautical sector.

Another of our ongoing projects is the development of Machine Learning Algorithms for a pharmacy robot manufacturer, PHARMAX, aimed at optimizing the storage and distribution of medecine boxes to the pharmacist: